Are Extensions Safe for Your Hair?

Are Extensions Safe for Your Hair?

Before and after hair extensions

Before and after hair extensions

You may not know what’s safest for your hair, either because you’ve never tried hair extensions or because you use only one or two kinds and no one has told you what else is out there. There are so many kinds of hair extensions these days!

Have you ever wanted to immediately grow out that cut that was too short? Ever been mortified by the bangs you thought would change everything, but instead made everything worse? Or are you a regular extension user, starting to notice your own hair is thinning or looks damaged and feeling hopeless about finding a better solution? There IS a product out there for you.

Clip-on Hair Extensions

Clip on hair extensions are not the best option for long-term use, but there are things you can do to make them better. They can cause traction alopecia – which is when you start losing hair that never grows back because you’re pulling on it all the time. Think “tight pony tail.” Every time you clip them in and out they are snapping your hair off. The best way to use them is by moving the extensions around so you’re not clipping in the same spot. Also, do not use them more than once or twice a week.

Micro links, they are not safe for fine and thin hair and you need to be careful even if you have thick hair. They can do damage to your natural hair. They take three hours or longer to put on, they are hard to sleep on and they slide off your hair easily. If they’re installed close to the scalp, which they need to be, they are itchy and painful especially in the first three weeks. They also need maintenance. This includes going in every 3-6 weeks for a fill.

The Weave Hair Extensions

Weaving ensures the extensions stay put, but if the braid is too tight, which it needs to be, it puts a strain on your scalp and causes hair scabbing (the new hair grows in already damaged, wiry and dry due to repeated treatments). It can cause your hair to fall out, and possibly eventually cause traction alopecia. If you have thin hair, forget weave extensions. They will pull your hair right out. Also, weft hair is usually poor quality hair. To top it all off, weave extensions need maintenance. They usually need to be re-done every 6-8 weeks.

Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusions are best for thicker hair. The process involves about ten hairs clumped together, and then glue or wax is used with a hot iron to hold the extension to your hair near the scalp. Some types of glues or adhesives may not be healthy for your hair or scalp, so you need to make sure you’re not causing the kind of damage mentioned above. Hair extensions do not need to damage your biological hair! Fusion hair extensions take three hours or longer to apply depending on how many extensions you need.

Tape-On Hair Extensions

There’s hope for those of you with thin or thinning hair! Tape-on hair extensions are safe for all hair types, especially for fine hair. However, not all tape-on extensions are equal:

  1. There are tape-on extensions that go on as one long strip. I feel that these types of extensions don’t give the fullness like others do. Also the hair doesn’t flow the way it should.
  2. Some tape-ons have no hair on the outside of the tape in order to make them look invisible when the hair moves. Poor quality tape-on hair extensions fray when they are removed.
  3. Tape on hair extensions are reusable for six months up to a year. If someone tells you they are not reusable you are wasting your money!
  4. The good high quality extensions are handmade 100% cuticle human Remy hair, with high quality adhesive. They will not only give you a longer-fuller look, but they will help your hair grow, to what you want in the meantime. And, you can reuse them every 6-8 weeks.
  5. A full head of tape-on extensions can be done within half an hour to an hour.

Top of the head extensions – “Celebrities’ Secret”

Top of the head extensions are safe for all hair types! They are great for fine thin hair, hair loss, or simply more hair for fun. They are attached with surgical glue and tape, or just tape. We use high quality 100% human Remy hair. It is attached for 4-6 weeks and the hair is reusable. It lasts 6-8 months! The results we see are incredible! The best part is, no painful clips, tight braids or itching for weeks afterward and we can do everything you need in a half an hour to an hour.

Extensions are for length and underneath fullness, while the top of the head extensions give you fullness on the top of the head and length.

If your hair is thin or thinning, if you regularly use extensions, but want a better product, if you want to fix that bad cut or even if you just want to try it for fun, make your free consultation with the best hair extension salon in Michigan.

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Nadwa Yono is a professional hair stylist and owner of Salon Nadwa Hair Loss Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan. She is one of only 4 percent of hairstylists in the country certified to perform extended wear hair attachments. To learn more about Nadwa, please see: About Nadwa. For press inquiries, please contact us.

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