Hair Texture Trends: You Don’t Have To Fight Your Curls Anymore!

Hair Texture Trends: You Don’t Have To Fight Your Curls Anymore!

Hair texture trends

Have you been battling your hair’s natural texture your whole life? When you were little, did you get a lot of compliments about your curls but didn’t know how to tame them? Have you made your hair pin straight just to stop having to battle the tangles and frizz? Do you wish there were more stylists who knew how to give your mane its natural glory instead of fighting what nature gave you?

Take heart! There are more ways than ever to work with what you’ve got. Texture is back and here to stay.

“It’s not really curly…”

First of all, whether you’ve got curls, gentle waves or just an unruly cowlick, you don’t have to fight it or hide it anymore. Texture is here and texture is in. You can, and should, find a stylist who is trained to work with your hair’s texture, not stick with the stylist who isn’t willing to take the time to understand your hair’s individual needs. When it comes to curls, one size does NOT fit all.

Have you given up on finding a stylist who really understands…”

Secondly, don’t let a stylist tell you can’t embrace the curl. Just move on! There is more education available for stylists now than ever before, and more stylists are being trained in all kinds of textured hair – from cuts, to products to styling advice – so take time to find one who is willing to do the work for you.

“There are good products out there for your curly hair!”

New products are coming out all the time. For example, we’ve found that products formulated with oils are a miracle for curls and texture of all kinds. Textured hair is extremely prone to frizz and oils combat that. They also keep your hair looking touchable and able to move – which is something curly girls say they are always looking for. It’s very important to gravitate toward products with natural and organic ingredients. What’s good to put in your body will be best to put on your hair!

Men and Curly Hair

There’s nothing sexier than a man who can embrace his natural wave. Cuts for men with wave and curls are becoming longer. The 70’s flop is back in but with a little bit of product to keep it natural and touchable, the look is modern and effortless. Stylists who know curly hair can show how to style it and reassure them the whole growing-out phase will be painless.

Coloring Curly Hair

This is so important. Find a stylist who does balayage! If they know texture, they will know how to color it so it looks natural. Your stylist can paint each curl for definition. It’s definitely worth the effort. The key to keeping color is hydration. Curls are sensitive, so you need to make sure you hydrate in between with a spray and keep the number of washes in between coloring down to keep it vibrant.

How to Style Curly Hair

Tips is the one that keeps women from embracing their texture and it doesn’t have to be! You don’t have to only visit your stylist when you need a cut. You can make an appointment to learn her tips and tricks for styling curly or wavy hair. There are ways to make your curls looser and more bouncy without smoothing services.

Speaking of smoothing services: it’s not just either curly or pin straight anymore! Smoothing services are customizable. If you want to turn your tight curls into softer, bouncier curls, you can!

Get the Texture You Want – Contact Us Today

Contact us for a consultation and find out all the great ways you can get the texture you want and have a touchable, soft style every day. It’s time to stop fighting that beautiful mane you’ve got!

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Nadwa Yono is a professional hair stylist and owner of Salon Nadwa Hair Loss Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan. She is one of only 4 percent of hairstylists in the country certified to perform extended wear hair attachments. To learn more about Nadwa, please see: About Nadwa. For press inquiries, please contact us.

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