Cancer Patients Cranial Prosthesis

Cancer patients cranial prosthesis

  • Full-cranial prosthesis customized to the needs of individuals
  • 100% European Remi Human Hair
  • We measure your head and make a mold for the right fit
  • Wigs can be cut to any style desired
  • Wigs can be chosen in the exact color desired

All of our wigs, attachments, and extensions are 100% genuine European Remi Hair and are individually hand crafted into the most comfortable and natural appearance. They are the finest materials and quality of hair. Soft-based materials have been selected to prevent discomfort for sensitive scalp; special non-slip materials are integrated into bases to prevent slipping and sliding.

We offer a full line of safe products for cancer patients including:

  • Gentle shampoos and conditioners
  • LaBella Donna minerale makeup (no fillers added)
  • Dermalogica Skin Care
  • Stick-on eyebrows
  • Turbans